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The Protogenoi, or the Primordials, in Greek mythology, were the first beings that came into existence before the world was created. A great deal of them were not actually envisioned by the Greeks as having solid forms; instead, they were mainly personifications of their roles in the universe. The first of the Protogenoi was Chaos, who represented the endless void of nothingness that existed before the universe was created. The most well-known of the Protogenoi was Gaea, who represented the earth. Her son and husband Ouranos represented the sky. Ouranos was defeated by his son, Kronos, and the others, such as Gaea, were merely put to 'sleep' for eons.

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Nyx, Protogenos of the Night

The Heroes of Olympus

Gaea, the Protogenos of the Earth, is the main antagonist of the series. Much like Kronos in the first series, she and her children, the Gigantes, are working to destroy the gods; however, they plan on destroying the original Mount Olympus in Greece, the gods' roots, since that is where the gods' power is truly held.

List of Notable Protogenoi

  • Chaos: Protogenos of the Void
  • Akhlys: Protegenos of Death Mist/Sadness/Misery
  • Erebos: Protogenos of Darkness
  • Nyx: Protogenos of the Night
  • Aether: Protogenos of Light and godly Air/Climate
  • Hemera: Protogenos of Day
  • Thalassa: Protogenos of the Sea (or the Sea's surface)
  • Gaea: Protogenos of the Earth
  • Ouranos: Protogenos of the Sky
  • Pontus: Protogenos of the Sea
  • Ourae: Protogenoi of Mountains
  • Nesoi: Protogenoi of Islands
  • Tartarus: Protogenos of the Abyss
  • Elpis: Protogenos of Hope
  • Chronos: Protogenos of Time (often confused with the Titan Lord Kronos)
  • Ananke: Protogenos of Necessity and Inevitability (Fate)
  • Physis: Protogenos of Nature (order and origin of nature)
  • Phanes: Protogenos of Procreation/generation
  • Thesis: Protogenos of Creation
  • Hydros: Protogenos of Water

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