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Octavian full body
Augur of Camp Jupiter
Legacy of Apollo
Centurion of the First Cohort
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Family Apollo (divine ancestor)
Status Deceased
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond
Height Average
Affiliation Olympians
Camp Jupiter
Weapons Ceremonial knife
Species Legacy
Home Camp Jupiter
Fields of Asphodel (currently)
Greek/Roman form None
Appearances The Son of Neptune
The Mark of Athena
The House of Hades (dream)
The Blood of Olympus
Actor None
Quests Unknown
I hope it hurt.

–Octavian, whispering to Percy after he received his SPQR Tattoo

Octavian was a Roman legacy of Apollo and the Augur of Camp Jupiter. He was one of few people to supposedly have the gift of prophecy. Octavian was also a centurion in the First Cohort.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Son of Neptune

Temple of Jupiter small

Octavian at the Temple of Jupiter.

Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano tells Hazel Levesque that after she questions Percy Jackson, she will send him to Octavian who will consult the Auguries and decide what to do with him after conferring. Percy describes Octavian as a "teddy bear murderer", as he saw many shredded teddy bears, and as Octavian tore apart his "Pillow Pet"

The first time Octavian meets Percy is at the Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus. Percy quickly learns that he is blackmailing Hazel into voting for him in the upcoming election for the Praetor, as he either found out about her raising Alcyoneus and being brought back from death.

Later during the war games, he is suspected of killing Gwen by spearing her from behind possibly after the games were already over. Frank Zhang notes that Octavian was the only one without a pilum and was at Gwen's back when she was stabbed. Gwen returns from the dead, claiming that she saw a man who was asking for a coin , but she just left. Frank pulls the pilium out and the wound heals automatically.

Mars appears on the field a moment later to issue a quest, saying that his son, Frank, will lead it. He also orders Percy to go for the quest to learn to have some respect for Mars. Octavian claims that they need a prophecy and states that he will go fetch his stuffed animals for one. Mars simply writes down a prophecy. The prophecy is extremely blunt and Octavian protests, declaring that prophecies must be wrapped in riddles. When Mars pulls a grenade from his belt, Octavian quickly changes his tone and treats the order as an actual prophecy.

The second time he is seen is during the Senate meeting where he convinces the others into trying not to give Percy, Frank, and Hazel supplies on their trip, as that is the traditional Roman way. However, Reyna allows them to use the The Pax for their quest.

After the battle against the Giant Army, Percy is raised on a shield as the Roman campers chant "Praetor", electing Percy to the position, much to the irritation and unhappiness of Octavian. At the Feast of Fortuna, he gives Percy his tattoo, but whispers to Percy that he hoped it hurt. He later claims that Camp Jupiter will have good luck.    
Grip da percy

Percy Jackson,his enemy

At the senate meeting the following day, Percy informs all of Rome about the existence of Camp Half-Blood and that he is, in fact, a Greek. He also informs Rome of the imminent arrival of the Argo II, whose passengers were coming to help fight against Gaea. Octavian was one of Percy's fiercest opponents at the meeting, claiming that Greeks were Rome's enemies, and shouldn't be trusted. He demands that the Romans take military action against the Greeks, saying that they should destroy them before they have a chance to land. When Percy says that the Greeks are peaceful and that Jason Grace is on board, Octavian accuses him of lying and once the ship comes into view, he begins to scream "Beware Greeks bearing gifts!" He points at Percy, accusing him of leading the Greeks to the camp. However, Reyna says that they will allow them to land, but the Legion forces would standby and be ready if it was a trick. Octavian opens a stuffed animal and says these omens are horrible and death is coming. After they agree to give the "Greeks" peace, Octavian walks out of the senate in disgust.

The Mark of Athena

Octavian coldly greets the Greeks and Jason when they come off the Argo II. While talking about the quest, Ella says the entire prophecy, causing Octavian to become suspicious for what she said. Later, when Percy offers to give back Jason his praetorship, calling it "no biggie," Octavian becomes outraged saying, "The praetorship of Rome is 'no biggie?'"

When Leo Valdez unwillingly attacks the Romans, Octavian is one of the first to retaliate and start war between them and the seven, convincing the Romans that Greeks are enemies and they must pay for what they have done. The seven rush back to the Argo II, and quickly leave, causing the Romans to pursue them.

In Charleston, the Romans find the seven thanks to Octavian and his auguries. Percy douses Octavian in water to stall him. He is later seen through Katoptris with Reyna, looking at an invasion map in New York.

The House of Hades

Octavian accompanies Reyna during her meeting with Rachel Elizabeth Dare and Grover Underwood. When Octavian spots Rachel and Grover he immediately says to check for weapons and that they better be meeting them for surrendering terms. When Reyna hands him the letter that was sent from Annabeth Chase in Tartarus, Octavian is convinced that it is a "Greek trick". He tells Reyna that she is crazy for believing what the Greek said are true. He then continues to doubt that Rachel is the Oracle of Delphi. Rachel tells the Romans that Ella, the harpy, has read the Sibylline Books. Afterword, Octavian yells about how the Greeks always lie and that they "stole" the harpy. Reyna states that she will go to Greece to retrieve the Athena Parthenos. Octavian tells her that it's insanity and that the augur is in charge while she is gone. Once Reyna leaves, he tells the rest of the Roman officers that the legion is changing their plans. 

The Blood of Olympus

Octavian is seen in a dream inviting Bryce Lawrence back into the legion as a Probatio in the Fifth Cohort. He is then seen at the Roman basecamp recruiting monsters and exiled legionnaires to attack Camp Half-Blood. He goes up to Nico, Will, Cecil, and Lou Ellen when they were seen. He tried to start the invasion but was stopped by the Greek forces. Reyna then returned the Athena Parthenos moments before Gaea awakes at the camp. He attempts to fire an onager at Gaea but, unknown to him, his cape was caught in it. He is then confronted by Will Solace and Nico di Angelo who try to convince him not to fire. He says Apollo spoke to him, telling him that he well save Camp Jupiter. Michael Kahale then comes to him and guards Octavian. The Augur them fires, sending him flying towards Gaea and Leo Valdez. According to Leo, he heard a comet screaming at a high pitch flying towards him, to his surprise and confusion. He died on impact.


Apollo of the sun

Apollo, his ancestor.

Octavian is extremely ambitious and power-hungry, willing to use any heinous means, from extortion to manipulation, in order to achieve his goals. He is portrayed as a potential threat if one became enemies with him, as Percy said, though the latter doesn't seem to care. However, Octavian seems to want to protect the camp and advocates a conservative approach when it comes to its affairs. He considers the Greek demigods to be enemies due to the ancient rivalry between Greece and Rome, and therefore, is very hostile towards Percy and the ideas he brings of truce with the Greek demigods aboard the Argo II. Octavian is also very intelligent and a great public speaker, effectively using words to achieve his goals. Most of the time he is able to insult others discretely, which is how he is occasionally able to win favor in the council, even over Reyna herself. Octavian is also sadistic to his enemies, and he did his best to painfully burn Percy while giving him his SPQR tattoo. 


Octavian is a skinny eighteen-year-old with blond hair, crazed blue eyes, and pale skin. He wears a white toga over a blue shirt and jeans. It is also mentioned that Octavian reminded Percy of someone, which means he could be referring to Luke Castellan. He often has a ceremonial knife and stuffed animal on hand. His tattoo is composed of a lyre, the symbol of his ancestor Apollo, with SPQR inscribed above seven lines which represents seven years meaning that he has been attending Camp Jupiter since he was eleven.

When he appointed himself pontifex maximus, he donned gold armor and jewelry and purple robes.


Legacy Abilities

Prophecy: Being a legacy of Apollo, Octavian can interpret the will of the gods by reading the stuffing of stuffed animals, which are the modern day version of animal intestines. However, this ability isn't perfect and the messages will sometimes vary between two or more messages. Due to the gods Greek and Roman forms fighting with in themselves, his power over prophecy was lost, as with all children and legacies of Apollo.


Hazel Levesque

Hazel openly dislikes Octavian due to his manipulative nature. Octavian tries to get her to vote for him so he could become the new Praetor by dropping a few hints that he knows about her past and that she was dead once, claiming that it would be horrible if the rumors about her turned out to be true.      
Hazel the keeper of the stick

Hazel Levesque

Percy Jackson

Octavian dislikes Percy, and the feeling is mutual. He doesn't trust Percy because he is a child of the Greek gods, as opposed to the Romans, thinking that the Greeks are working with the forces of Gaea. He is also upset when Percy is elected praetor over himself. When they first meet, he slices open Percy’s panda pillow pet to Percy's dismay, because he had grown fond of it. Percy also quickly understands how powerful and domineering Octavian can be with words. Octavian shows his hatred of Percy after the latter tells everyone not to attack the Greek demigods when they land, but he still tries to rally them to attack. Percy utterly detests Octavian, and enjoys using his superior rank of Praetor to silence him on at least one occasion. 

Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano


Reyna, the praetor.

While the two never seem to spend much time together, it is clear that Octavian believes Reyna is not a good leader. He often complains about Reyna not allowing a quest to find a book of prophecies (the Sibylline Books) that he is obsessed with. He also feels that she has let a power vacuum form during Jason's absence. He manages to make any unfavorable decision (such as making Frank a centurion) seem like it was all Reyna's idea and he is only following orders. Whenever Reyna makes a decision he approves of, he tries to make it seem like it was all his idea.


  • Octavian is named after Caesar Augustus, a Roman emperor whose birth name was Octavian and was a son of Apollo, Octavian's divine ancestor.
  • His name could also be derived from Octabus, Latin for eighth.
  • The Ancient Romans used the entrails from sacrificed animals to determine the advisability of any chosen endeavor and event just as Octavian does with stuffed animals. As a ritual before meeting the oracle, the ancient Greeks did as well.
  • Octavian is obsessed with the Sibylline Books.
  • Although it is never stated how many generations Octavian is from Apollo, his family has been at Camp Jupiter for over a century, so he is at least fourth-generation.
  • Despite earlier texts naming Octavian as a legacy of Apollo, Rachel Dare calls him a son of Apollo.
  • Ironically, even though Octavian is a Roman legacy and hates Greek demigods, his name is in fact Greek. 
  • Despite Octavian being a legacy of Apollo, he has an uncanny resemblance to Luke Castellan, son of Hermes.
  • In spite of being a legacy of Apollo, Octavian seems to favor violence and is quite bloodthirsty, a common trait of Ares/Mars' demigod children. 
  • Despite the fact Octavian is referred to as an Augur, Augury is the ancient practice of divination through watching birds and the heavens. A diviner who foretells the future through the entrails of animals is properly referred to as a haruspex.
  • Octavian is named after the member of the second Roman triumvirate Octavian, who later changed his name to Augustus.
  • The real Octavian (Caesar Augustus) supposedly broke off Alexander the Great's nose from his mummy and stole his signet ring.
  • He died the least noble death in either series
  • Octavian has certain similarities with Star Wars character Borsk Fey'lya:
    • He is a brilliant orator, who is adept at manipulating events to his favor.
    • Both believed that the current leader of their government was less than perfect (Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano, Mon Mothma)
    • Both made a selfish grab for power, dividing their people when they should have been united against a common foe (Gaea, Thrawn).
    • Both were given advice by a onetime leader of their people that they ignored. (Octavian was advised by Praetor Percy Jackson to ally with the Greeks, Fey'lya was warned by former President Leia Organa Solo about the impending Yuuzhan Vong invasion.)
    • Both are known for spreading discord about a particular group of people (Greeks, humans).
    • Both had rivals that were wrongly accused of treason (Heroes of Olympus, Gial Ackbar)
    • Both held the title of Senator.
    • Both threateningly warned one of their colleagues that they were close to committing treason before they undertook a particular task (Octavian before Reyna departed for Greece, Fey'lya before Elegos Ak'la aided Leia in her fact-finding mission about the Yuuzhan Vong).
    • Both held high-ranking positions in a new form of an old government (New Rome to the Roman Empire, the New Republic to the Galactic Republic)
    • Both have been recognized as dangerous enemies by those who are supposed to be their allies.
    • Both are selfish and power-hungry leaders, but also charismatic.
The Heroes of Olympus
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