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Cupid by John Rocco
God of Love and Desire
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Family Venus (mother)
Mars (father)
Timor and Metus (brothers)
Psyche (wife)
Status Immortal
Eye Color Blood red
Hair Color Black
Height Any height
Affiliation Roman Olympians
Weapons Bow and Arrow
Species God
Home Roman Olympus
Greek/Roman form Eros (Greek)
Appearances The Lightning Thief (mentioned)
The Son of Neptune (mentioned)
The House of Hades
Actor None
Quests None
Oh, did you expect me to play fair? I am the god of love. I am never fair.

–Cupid, The House of Hades

Cupid is the Roman god of desire, affection, and erotic love. He is the son of the goddess Venus. Cupid is also known in Latin as Amor ("Love"). His Greek counterpart is Eros.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lightning Thief

While looking for Ares' Shield in the Thrill Ride O' Love, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase fall into a trap made by Hephaestus. Inside the ride, there are small Cupid statues with sharp arrows aimed at the duo.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Son of Neptune

Cupid does not make a physical appearance, but he is mentioned. Frank Zhang and Percy think that Thanatos is Cupid. Thanatos states that he is frequently mistaken for Cupid. Thanatos mentions that Death and Love have more in common than people think.

The House of Hades

Cupid has Diocletian's scepter and refuses to give Jason Grace and Nico di Angelo the scepter until Nico admits something out loud. Nico attacks the invisible Cupid with Skeleton Warriors until Nico admits that he left Camp Half-Blood for love and admits to liking Percy. After Nico admits his feelings, Cupid turns visible and tells him that the only way to conquer love is to face it.


Cupid is a lean, muscular young adult with snowy white wings, a white frock, and jeans. His face is handsome with a harsh look. He has black hair and blood red eyes, as if "every valentine in the world were squeezed." In most paintings and sculptures Cupid is portrayed as a chubby winged toddler often wearing a diaper and other times he is a slender winged youth. He is usually holding a bow which shot arrows make people fall in love when struck by one.


  • He presumably possesses the standard powers of a god.
  • Amokinesis: As the god of love and desire, he has absolute control and divine authority over love, lust, and desire but not as much as his mother, Venus.
  • French: As a son of Venus and god of love, he is fluent in French due to it being the "language of love".
  • Cupid has the power of invisibility.
Venus, his mother
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The Heroes of Olympus
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