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The Titan's Curse is the third book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, written by Rick Riordan. It was published on May 1st, 2007.

In this book the third, a quest is undertaken by both Hunters and campers to save Annabeth Chase and the goddess Artemis when it is realized that they have been abducted by the same forces. The quest they will undergo, however, is not all that it seems to be as secrets are revealed and the time of the Great Prophecy draws ever closer.

In December, six months after the Sea of Monsters adventure, Percy Jackson, Thalia Grace and Annabeth Chase go to Westover Hall to meet Grover Underwood, who had found two powerful demigod siblings there, Bianca and Nico di Angelo. Thalia displays the ability to manipulate the Mist, and tries to convince a resident teacher and the vice principal there that the three belong to the school. She manages to not let the three get kicked out before they could find the satyr.

Grover soon informs them that Dr. Thorn, the vice-principal of Westover hall, is a manticore (a half scorpion, lion, and human monster), and is suspicious of the two half-bloods' true identities, and therefore he was not fooled by Thalia's trick of the mist. She formulates a plan to distract Dr. Thorn; however the plan backfires on them. Percy, who is forced to dance to blend in with the crowd, sees Dr. Thorn attempting to sneak away with the two half-bloods. He is unable to spot Thalia, Annabeth, or Grover in the crowd and so follows Dr. Thorn.

As he nears Bianca and Nico, Dr. Thorn throws a thorn and it grazes his shoulder. Percy realizes that poison has entered his system. Percy is too weak to fight and instead, listens to the manticore as he talks about The Great Stirring. Percy tries to reassure Bianca who is panicking and Nico who is both overjoyed and scared. Percy lets Dr. Thorn bring them to a cliff and they wait for the manticore's allies to collect them. Percy tries hard to send a message to Grover that he was in danger. It works and soon Grover, Thalia and Annabeth show up and Dr. Thorn reveals his true form as a manticore.




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The Titan's Curse-1
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The Lightning Thief
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The Sea of Monsters


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  • 12th Rick Riordan announces that he is working on a third crossover story with the Kanes, Percy, and Annabeth.

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"All three Kindly Ones were after them, along with a horde of hellhounds. They were about to be overrun when Thalia told her satyr to take the other two half-bloods to safety while she held off the monsters. She was wounded and tired, and she didn't want to live like a hunted animal. The satyr didn't want to leave her, but he couldn't change her mind, and he had to protect the others. So Thalia made her final stand alone, at the top of that hill. As she died, Zeus took pity on her. He turned her into that pine tree. Her spirit still helps protect the borders of the valley. That's why the hill is called Half-Blood Hill.

Grover explaining the origin of Half-Blood Hill, The Lightning Thief


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